Mayor's Office

Las Vegas New Mexico's Mayor

Tonita Gurule-Giron
Tonita Red - Copy

State of the City Address

As the first woman to be elected as Mayor of this great city, I am both humbled and honored to serve you, the people of Las Vegas.

We are moving forward in the only way we truly can; together, united as one city with one future. I am strongly convinced that we can meet any challenges before us. I can boldly say that, because the key to Las Vegas’ greatness is what it always has been, it’s you! It's hard-working people who exhibit grit and courage and fortitude, those who share a love for their city, and a determination to keep it strong. I share that love, and I'm determined, with your help, to meet our challenges head on, and make a great city even greater.

Within  Las Vegas and all around us there are amazing adventures to be had, stories and history to be learned and shared, events that will make your soul sing and spark your wild side, architecture to explore, mountains to climb, rivers and lakes to splash in, wildlife to observe,
natural beauty to behold and culture to embrace. No other city can say they have 900+ buildings on the historic register and one of the last drive-ins in the nation. From mountains to meadows, we can boast because we are blessed to have so many adventures and trails within a few
minutes and within a few short miles of our City.

As the Mayor, I am driven by my love for Las Vegas, and a determination to make our city better for all its people. I can and will draw on the insights, energy and experience of the people in the years to come.

I intend to enlist everyone in our city to our mutual cause. We need safer streets in our community.  We need stronger schools and involved parents to prepare our young people for success. We need to attract and grow the good jobs of today and tomorrow.

As we move forward to address the great issues and challenges before us, we must make certain that every person in Las Vegas is included, heard and represented. I look forward to working with the dedicated public servants who patrol our streets, teach our children and fulfill so many
vital functions to meet our current challenges, and to do it in a way that is fair to them and taxpayers. We pledge to build a team of professionals who are committed to excellence and improving our City.

Thank you, people of Las Vegas, for your vote of confidence in our future. Your faith in me is a huge source of strength. Thank you to all the elected officials who continue to be great leaders for our neighborhoods and our city. Let us resolve to work together to make sure
Las Vegas remains the greatest city on earth. Thank you.

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