PSA: Destruction of Unclaimed Property Notice


Destruction of Property
May 22, 2019

The City of Las Vegas Police Department intends to dispose of a number of various items acquired during its regular course of business from the years of 2000-2015.

The legal owners of these items are either unknown or have failed to retrieve these items.

If you are the rightful owner of an item, please contact the Evidence Division at:

 (505) 425-7504

Ext. 3128

Monday - Friday

8 A.M - 5 P.M

Proof of ownership and verification of eligibility to possess the property is required prior to the return of any items. Authorization of release from the Fourth Judicial District Attorney or the City of Las Vegas Attorney may be required for certain cases.

Property not claimed within 30 days of this notice will be destroyed pursuant to New Mexico State law Section 29-1-14 NMSA 1978.