WHEREAS, the Mayor thanks the residents and visitors of the City of Las Vegas (“City”) for their cooperative efforts in implementing six feet of physical distancing, regular hand washing, covering coughs and sneezes, and
observing the statewide Covid- 19 safety measures, which have resulted in the City mitigating the spread and devastating effects of Covid-19; and

WHEREAS, the Mayor once again calls upon every resident and visitor of the City to help our community through this difficult time by using Face Coverings in addition to the current safety measures; and

WHEREAS, the Governor of New Mexico has declared a statewide state of public health emergency, invoked emergency powers, authorized additional emergency funds for various state departments and federal agencies in response to the Covid-19 global pandemic; and

WHEREAS, the City is a home rule municipality and on April 10, 2020, the Mayor issued the Proclamation of Civil Emergency; and

WHEREAS, the City Council of the City of Las Vegas (“City Council”) issued Resolution 20-15 declaring a disaster declaration of health emergency in the City due to the Covid- 19 global pandemic, and Resolution 20-15 authorizes the Mayor and City Manager to conduct emergency measures as may be appropriate to safeguard the public health, safety and welfare of the City’s residents and visitors; and

WHEREAS, the population of the City includes a significant number of elderly persons and others who would be disproportionately, and likely fatally, affected by an outbreak and spread of Covid-19; and

WHEREAS, there are three (3) new confirmed cases of Covid-19 in San Miguel County as of May 5, 2020; and

WHEREAS, the Face Covering provision in this Executive Order is being issued at the recommendation of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) to limit the health impacts of Covid- 19; and

WHEREAS, the Mayor has determined that, based on the aforementioned recitals, this Executive Order is an emergency measure and that it is in the best interest of the City and the public health, safety and welfare of the City’s residents and visitors to enact this Executive Order in the manner provided herein.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ENACTED, by the duly elected and sworn Mayor of the City of Las Vegas this

1. For purposes of this Executive Order “Face Covering” shall mean a piece of material that securely covers a person’s nose and mouth and remains affixed in place without the use of said person’s hands. Information on making such masks can be found at: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/diy-cloth-face-coverings.html

2. All persons shall wear a Face Covering when entering and while inside of: (i) an indoor space which is open to the public within the City limits; or (ii) any public transportation; and

3. Nothing herein shall require the wearing of a Face Covering by the following persons: (i) persons under the age of five years or children within a childcare facility; (ii) persons for whom a Face Covering would cause impairment due to an existing health condition or other persons that are recommended by the CDC not to wear a Face Covering; (iii) persons in a workplace who do not have face-to-face interactions with the public during the course of their work and maintain six feet of physical distancing; (iv) persons instructed not to wear a Face Covering by a medical professional; and (v) persons on property owned by the federal, state or county governments.

4. This Executive Order shall become effective at midnight on Wednesday, May 6, 2020, and will remain in effect until midnight on Wednesday, May 20, 2020.

5. If a person within the City limits fails to comply with this Executive Order, such business or entity in charge of the indoor space shall notify the offending person of the requirement to wear a Face Covering. If such offending person fails to comply with this Executive Order after such notification, the offending person will be asked to leave the ar that requires a Face Covering. Any person who fails to comply with this Executive being sked law enforcement shall be subject to a civil penalty of $50.00.