PSA - Aug 25 City COVID-Tesing employees

On Sunday evening the City of Las Vegas learned that some City employees had tested positive for the COVID virus. We ask that you keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

The City continues to follow CDC guidelines to provide employees with a safe environment, including requiring all employees to wear masks, maintaining social distancing and thoroughly washing their hands.  In addition, the City required all its employees to get tested this morning.  Most did, but as the Department of Health depleted its test kits, the remainder will be required to get tested tomorrow.  Today’s testing represented the third round of testing that the City has provided for employees.  

The City has asked most employees to work from home until test results come in.  Exceptions have been made for those who provide critical services to the public.  Steps are being taken to minimize risks for these employees.  Many employees will continue to work from home even after test results are received.