DEC 29 PSA - Amazon to film new series in few weeks

Amazon Studios will be filming episodes of its new series in the coming weeks. The TV series is set in a fictional Wyoming ranching town.

This is being made in conjunction with the City of Las Vegas and New Mexico Film Offices. We will be issuing a detailed explanation and plan for the upcoming scenes soon.

Filming will include several scenes at the home at the Heart of David Church located at 333 Peggy Lane, 6th and Douglas Area, 7th and University, as well as scenes on Bridge Street throughout production of the first season, which is set to film between mid-January and July of 2021. The first episode’s scenes in Las Vegas will be filmed in February 2021, with some crew members in the area before and after filming to prepare and restore the locations. Notification for individual areas will occur closer to filming dates.

If you have any questions, please contact Chuck Griego, City of Las Vegas Event Planner/Film Liaison at 505-454-1401 x1604 or 505-429-1298.