FEB 9 PSA - Need Child Care? Your Local Providers Are Here to Help

Need Child Care?
Your Local Providers Are Here to Help

Since the beginning of the public health emergency, New Mexico’s child care
providers have been open for business.

The state of New Mexico—in partnership with child care providers—have
developed some of the clearest, most detailed health and safety regulations
in the country. As a result, child care providers have kept COVID cases low.

• Handwashing
• Temperature-taking
• Cleaning and sanitation
• Distancing
• Mask-wearing
• Rapid response and testing
if a positive case occurs
Here’s what you’ll need to apply:
• Proof of income
• School scheduLes for appLicant children
• Birth certificates for applicant children
Proof of residence
• Contact info for seLected child care provider
(If you need help selecting a child care provider,
please call Child Care Resource and Referral
at the number below.)

Visit nmececd.org and click on • “Am I Eligible?” or call 800-691-9067. 
EmaiL child.care@state.nm.us If you have Early Childhood
questions or concerns about child care.